Month: April 2009

What is a DRD

I have Google’d around asked a lot of smart people and still can’t come up with a solid answer. More specifically, the question I have is: Why, when sending emails to certain domains, do I get the error: 451 Could not load DRD for domain Because I deal with fairly large mailing lists, I see …

By eric


Reminder Trick With Quicksilver

I have a few tools for making and keeping myself more productive. One of those tools is Quicksilver. I know it is a widely used tool so I won’t spend time talking about everything it can do. However, from the Blacktree website, it is: A unified, extensible interface for working with applications, contacts, music, and …

By eric

Recent Twitter Related Learning

I’ve been using Twitter for a few weeks now and am starting to get used to some of the concepts. I have since also been reminded of a little of the RTFM concept mixed with the takes the experts with a grain of salt. I started out reading some information given by Brent Ozar on …

By eric

Setting Up DKIM and Postfix on CentOS 5.2

I spent a while trying to set up DKIM with Postfix on CentOS 5.2. I read the HOWTOs on HOWToForge written by Andrew Colin Kissa (aka TopDog) who subsequently helped me towards getting this setup working. My setup is that I have a mail spooler and multiple mail senders. This is to say that the …

By eric

Testing For A Number

Although you generally don’t have to worry about types in Perl, it is occasionally necessary to ensure that you are working with numbers. Your test cases should notify you that something is amiss when you didn’t get a number (when you were expecting one). Thankfully Scalar::Util provides a method to deal with this. 1234567use Scalar::Util …

By eric

Cleaning Up Long Conditionals With Grep

Every so often I am faced with testing a few conditionals before dropping into another control structure. If you have to test out a few conditionals, then its likely a dispatch table won’t be useful. If you have a lot of conditionals to test, you’ll likely not want to deal with an ugly expression like …

By eric

Counting Email Addresses By Domain in MySQL

Every so often I find some statistical need that although Perl program would be easy to write for it, its probably something the database should just handle. So I have a column in an email management table that has just the email addresses in the format user@domain.tld. I want to know which domains make up …

By eric

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