Month: November 2009

Creating a Slave DNS Server on Bind9

I couldn’t find a quick and dirty list of commands for setting up a slave DNS server so I figured I would just throw it together. Starting with a fully working primary name server, we are going to set up a slave name server. We are going to make the following assumptions: primary – …

By eric

SSH Over The Web With Web Shell

After reading a Tweet from Matt Cutts about being able to SSH from the iPhone (and the web in general), I had to give it a try. I am always looking for better ways to be able to check on systems when necessary. I have iPhone apps for SSHing around if I need as well, …

By eric

Adding AJAX Bookmarks to Your Rails Application (Part 2 of 2)

In part 1 of this series, we discussed the base models, controller, database migrations necessary to get this project off the ground. Now we are going to continue with this functionality Let’s take a look at what needs to go into the models to support this. If you have a model that uses a slug …

By eric

Adding AJAX Bookmarks to Your Rails Application (Part 1 of 2)

It you want to add the ability to bookmark pages in your Rails application, its actually a fairly straightforward thing to do. You can even do them in AJAX. There may be better ways to do this, but this way is somewhat abstract and it works for me, so hopefully it can work for you …

By eric

Modsecurity 2.5 Review Coming

The folks over at Packt Publishing are kind enough to send me out an advance copy of the upcoming Modsecurity book by Magnus Mischel. I have written about mod security before, but really haven’t had a chance to look into it recently. I am anxious to see where its advanced to in version 2.5. If …

By eric

File Read Write Create with IO::File

Ran into an annoying gotchya with Perl’s IO::File. Apparently opening the file in append mode with read access if the file already exists puts the file position pointer at the end of the file. If it doesn’t exist, it creates the file. Note the +>>, that opens the file r/w/append. You can also use the …

By eric

Thoughts on Blog Posting

During a conversation I was having with Nirvdrum about blog posts, we got to discussing the validity and credibility of blog posting along with how and why people do it. I have a few thoughts on this topic. The first and foremost reason that I write blog posts is that engineers who spend a lot …

By eric

Converting From Subversion To Git

Now that I have basically fallen for Git, I decided to finally move my Subversion repository over to Git (this way I can finally have a remote backup of it that I am comfortable with on Codaset). The method for this was a lot more straightforward than I expected it to be. For the conversion …

By eric

Remote Code Storage

I was chatting with a friend of mine the other day about version control and why it’s necessary. So I decided to throw together a few options and a little explanation about why its important. I have been using version control in some form or another for many years. I started with CVS, then moved …

By eric


Git GUI on Mac OS X

I have been using Git a lot lately and have found a lot of things I like better in Git than in Subversion. The one major item that was really bothering me was that there wasn’t really too many Git clients that could help you visualize the repository. I mean show merges, commits, branching, blame, …

By eric

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