Reminder Trick With Quicksilver

By eric

I have a few tools for making and keeping myself more productive. One of those tools is Quicksilver. I know it is a widely used tool so I won’t spend time talking about everything it can do. However, from the Blacktree website, it is:

A unified, extensible interface for working with applications, contacts, music, and other data.

I like to be reminded of things, but I usually hate putting them into Entourage or Things (which I will definitely be covering in a future blog post). A shortcut using Quicksilver is to do the following:

  1. Initiate Quicksilver (in my case): CTRL-SPACE
  2. Type the ‘.‘ to enter text mode
  3. Enter your reminder message: Relax your eyes
  4. Press TAB and select Large Type
  5. Press CTRL-Enter and select a period
  6. For testing, use Run After Delay and Tab over to the third box
  7. Enter an element of time. Again for testing, we’ll use 5s (the ‘s‘ being seconds) and press enter.

And there you have it. It will appear before your eyes 5 seconds after pressing enter. Just remember, there is no stickiness with Quicksilver. If it closes for any reason (computer restart, Quicksilver crash, etc), your reminder is gone with it.

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