Foxy Friends

In 2004/2005, I was was an American soldier deployed in Iraq. As an officer, there are times where you end up getting a little lonelier than some of the other folks as there is always a small need for professional separation. Though if we’re being honest, nearly all deployments are lonely when you miss your …

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Man’s Best Friend

This is a story that actually took place in February 2012 or so. I’m reposting it here because I think it’s a good follow up to explaining why I enjoy spending time with the Charlie dog so much. The Story I had just gotten my dog Charlie about 3 weeks before I found out I …

By eric


Why I Need BJJ Help

I didn’t set out to write a full site for lots of people to use. I actually set out to find a way to organize the public content that is being created for Brazilian Jiujitsu by the great minds that are creating it. I found myself getting stuck in positions a lot and wondering exactly …

By eric

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Cover Letters as a Differentiator

I’ve been doing a lot of hiring lately. So I’ve been thinking about how people can differentiate themselves from the pack. It’s an interesting proposition when there are so many people out there with great work and life experience that can help them contribute to and enhance a team. One of the trends I have …

By eric

Getting to a Middle Ground Between Monolith and Microservices

It’s difficult to think about micro services without considering the large management overhead the goes with it. In many cases, a micro service architecture might even make technical sense and not business sense. These two are completely separate but very important considerations. Microservices comes with more technical management because they require actual components to deploy, …

By eric

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