Man’s Best Friend

This is a story that actually took place in February 2012 or so. I’m reposting it here because I think it’s a good follow up to explaining why I enjoy spending time with the Charlie dog so much. The Story I had just gotten my dog Charlie about 3 weeks before I found out I …

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Why I Need BJJ Help

I didn’t set out to write a full site for lots of people to use. I actually set out to find a way to organize the public content that is being created for Brazilian Jiujitsu by the great minds that are creating it. I found myself getting stuck in positions a lot and wondering exactly …

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US Road Trip 2017

Glacier National Park, Kalispell Montana, and a Flat Tire

After spending the amount of time I did in Montana, I’m starting to think that Montana is the only secret America has ever kept. Even if that wasn’t my working theory before I got to Glacier, it definitely was afterwards. The best part of that theory is that most of the people in Montana that …

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US Road Trip 2017

Huge Dog Runs, Great Food, BJJ, and Hiking in Montana

Hands down, Bozeman, Montana is my favorite place that I’ve visited thus far. The food was excellent and there were too many good restaurants to even try. There was great hikes in every direction around the town. Other than seeing driveway stakes with 8 foot high poles attached to them everywhere ominously reminding everyone of …

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US Road Trip 2017

Rimrocks, Custer’s Last Stand, and The Beartooth Pass

Billings was a great place to eat and hang out. But there wasn’t much to do there. I met some interesting people and had some good conversations over drinks. But if it wasn’t for the history and the food, I wouldn’t spend much more time in Billings.

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