Year: 2008

Checking For A DoS

Working on groups of web servers, especially ones that are highly susceptible to attack, it is a good idea to have a string of commands that will allow you to check what is going on. Check for DDos: 1netstat -n | grep EST | awk '{ print $5 }' | cut -d: -f1 | sort …

By eric

Adding Yum to CentOS 5

I use a lot of VPS and often times, they don’t actually have yum to make my life easier. So here is a quick HOWTO on installing yum on a CentOS box. This assumes that you have rpm and wget already installed. Note: This will only work on CentOS 5.2 while the mirror is still …

By eric

Character Encoding

I recently ran into some character encoding issues and I wanted to share the fun. The default character encoding for MySQL on Gentoo is latin-1 or iso-8859-1. This wasn’t a problem until we recently started putting content straight from the DB through Java and onto the web. Java connects to the DB with a character …

By eric

MySQL Encoded URI Search and Replace

So I can definitely not take credit for this trick. The credit goes to Augusto Bott of the Pythian Group for this. I have a table in my DB that has columns of encoded URIs. The list of URI encoding character translations is available here. To accomplish this, the MySQL REPLACE function was used. 1234567891011121314151617181920212223mysql> …

By eric

Apache mod_proxy

I came up against the interesting problem of putting multiple stand alone apache tomcat instances with different virtual host names on the same machine that all needed to be accessible via port 80 (on the same IP). There is always mod_jk, but that seems like a bit too much to fix a simple problem. Being …

By eric

The Next Step In Browser Evolution

I was having a chat with my two friends from Redub Consulting about the new Google Chrome browser. At a cursory exploration, we found that (as promised) the Javascript engine is incredibly fast. But I don’t want to throw that out there since Google already us that in their Chrome Comic. I want to talk …

By eric

1 Extension, Multiple Phones

In order to setup Asterisk to ring multiple phones from the same dialed extension, you will need to create a phantom extension. I accomplished this by doing the following… Before we go any further, let’s use the following information as true. The extension we want to have ring in multiple places is extension 100. For …

By eric

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