Month: August 2009

Redacted On A Feedback Loop

This post is a little more of a rant than I usually make, but I think its warranted. If you don’t know what a feedback loop is, read here. I’m not sure who thinks its a good idea to replace all instances of an email addresses in a feedback loop with [redacted], but it is …

By eric

Shortcut Notation in Rails Callbacks

As I have spent the last few weeks/months learning Ruby and Rails, I have grown to love it more and more. The ease of use and the high learning curve make is fantastic for people like me who aren’t developers by nature. I have recently come across a scenario in Rails that there is not …

By eric

Adding An Average Column To A Model

Using Ruby on Rails is all about what people find to be common uses. These items then become part of the core system. An example of this is counter_cache. For more information on this, I suggest checking out the Railscast on it here. A little more of an edge case is if you want a …

By eric

Checking Roles in Views Using RoleRequirement

One of the rails projects I am working on is using the RoleRequirement plugin. This is a great plugin for seamless integration of roles into the controller level, but there wasn’t really much documentation on integrating this into the views themselves. So I figured I would put this little gem out there which has done …

By eric

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