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By eric

I’ve been using Twitter for a few weeks now and am starting to get used to some of the concepts. I have since also been reminded of a little of the RTFM concept mixed with the takes the experts with a grain of salt.

I started out reading some information given by Brent Ozar on his blog. These are 3 articles that kicked me off in the right direction:

  1. Twitter 101
  2. Top 10 Reasons I’m Not Following You On Twitter
  3. Top 10 Reasons I’m Following You On Twitter

That’s when I was reminded by Ryan Maplethat sometimes, depending on the people, those may be the opposite reasons. To be more specific, Ryan won’t follow people if they are consistently tweeting the fact that they have just put up a new blog post. (Although I am guilty of this every so often).

But I think the biggest element of Twitter that has since caught me off guard is the massive amount of information at ones disposal. For instance the yellow pages or can provide you with people to follow based on your interests. I have learned so much about things in my field just by following links that people re-tweet.

So if you are like I was and being a Twitter luddite, you may want to rethink it. I am consistently looking for more ways to make it useful too. So if you have something, let me know.

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