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Fixing CentOS Root Certificate Authority Issues

While trying to clone a repository from Github the other day on one of my EC2 servers and I ran into an SSL verification issue. As it turns out, Github renewed their SSL certificate (as people who are responsible about their web presence do when their certificate is about to expire). As a result, I …

By eric

Git Command Aliases

This is kind of a tip of the day, but I just think its cool so I am sharing it with everyone. And being a recent convert to Git and the fact that I have to use Subversion at my place of work, I find myself constantly doing things like this out of habit. 1$ …

By eric

Git Branch Name in Your Bash Prompt

I work with a few repositories at any given time. And during that time, I typically have multiple branches created for each repository. I figured that it would make my life easier if I knew which branch and/or repository I was working in. Luckily, very little hackery is required here since the git distribution already …

By eric

Converting From Subversion To Git

Now that I have basically fallen for Git, I decided to finally move my Subversion repository over to Git (this way I can finally have a remote backup of it that I am comfortable with on Codaset). The method for this was a lot more straightforward than I expected it to be. For the conversion …

By eric

Remote Code Storage

I was chatting with a friend of mine the other day about version control and why it’s necessary. So I decided to throw together a few options and a little explanation about why its important. I have been using version control in some form or another for many years. I started with CVS, then moved …

By eric


Git GUI on Mac OS X

I have been using Git a lot lately and have found a lot of things I like better in Git than in Subversion. The one major item that was really bothering me was that there wasn’t really too many Git clients that could help you visualize the repository. I mean show merges, commits, branching, blame, …

By eric

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