Eric Lubow

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Eric Lubow
Founder, Leader, Product & Process specialist. Co-Founder at SimpleReach.

Resourceful founder, problem solver, passionate learner, product and technology leader. Specialties: Product development process, culture, product strategy, leadership, organizational structure and development, scalable processes, high volume, reliable scalable systems, mentoring, learning.

Interim CTO

The Fastest Growing Acquirer of Amazon FBA Businesses.


HealthHive empowers consumers by providing a personalized digital care ecosystem that improves engagement and outcomes by allowing patients (and their formal and informal care teams) access to their personal health and wellness data. Available for all, but focused on older adults and those with chronic conditions, HealthHive enables patients to be in control of their data regardless of its origin ultimately reducing cost and improving care.


Mymee is a digital therapeutic solution to chronic autoimmune disease which impacts 24M Americans and costs $120B annually. Our adaptive tele-therapy program reverses chronic autoimmune disease by identifying personal triggers, and coaching patients to remove them, causing symptoms to subside.

Chief Technology Officer, Co-founder

SimpleReach is the leading content data platform. Today’s top marketers use SimpleReach to unify their data and surface insights that drive content ROI. Our partners include brands like Chase, Intel, and UPS, as well as publishers like NY Times, Condé Nast, and Time Inc.

Technology Director
Matthew Larson Foundation

Created, manage and operate main technological infrastructure and public facing technology including web, email, and software security. Interfaced with multiple credit processors to handle donations and tracking through the technical infrastructure.

Email Systems Administrator
ShermansTravel Media

Manage all technical aspects of email marketing campaigns. Manage the technical and day-to-day monitoring operations of the entire technical infrastructure. Handle third party relationships with technical providers.

Technical Operations Manager

Manage team in charge of production, qa, and development infrastructure including all datacenters, virtualization, and internal IT. Handle strategic planning and budgets for current and prospective projects.

Systems Management
Platoon Leader / Communications Officer
US Army
Systems Administrator
Director of Interoffice Communications
Guardian Digital
BA, Information Systems and Technology
Rutgers University — Newark/New Jersey Institute of Technology
AS, Science
Valley Forge Military College
Method and system of evaluating the impact of distributed digital content
Issued Oct 11, 2012
us 13/650,025

A method for evaluating the impact of distributed digital content, including identifying content produced by a publisher on a first domain, determining user activity data associated with the content on one or more social networks, calculating an instantaneous score for each of the social networks for the content based on the user activity data associated with the content on the respective social network, calculating a velocity score for each of the social networks for the content, the velocity score comprising a rate of change of the instantaneous score for the respective social network, calculating a social value score for the content based on the velocity scores of the one or more social networks, and sending the social value score to a computer associated with the publisher. Patent

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