A Great Customer Service Experience

By eric

Never underestimate the value of a great customer experience. I recently had one of those with Tipsy Elves.  And it was simply around dealing with a missing package. Something that happens occasionally while living in a NYC apartment building during the busy holiday season. This might be the best customer service email I have ever gotten, from anyone, ever.

The delivery people have so many packages to deliver, they just leave them by the front door. This time, I happen to order a pair of leggings with donuts all of them for a friend of mine who has a deeper level appreciation for donuts than the average person. It’s one of the things I like so much about her. Someone, either by accident or intentionally, took that package out of the pile and I never received it.

So I emailed the company. The initial part of the exchange is left off for brevity. These are the two most recent parts of the exchange. First what I sent to them:

I was wondering if you are going to making more of the donut leggings at a later date? The issue for me is that I bought them to ship them to my friend in Canada (these leggings are basically her spirit animal, she loves donuts). And I couldn’t figure out how to use your site to bill me in the US and ship to her in Canada. So ideally I’m happy to wait for new ones and then just ship them straight to her if that’s a possibility. If that isn’t a possibility, then I’d like to get a refund. I am 100% sure she won’t fit in to a large. 🙂

And now the amazing response …

Id be more than happy to issue you a refund, as we don’t have any plans on restocking until next year around summertime, and only certain items 🙁

Haha i wasnt aware donuts could be a spirit animal, but i love it! DONUT LET ANYONE TELL YOU OTHERWISE! 

Sorry we couldnt send you the proper leggings. Bet its driving you GLAZY huh? Its all good tho, cuz I will be refunding you the HOLE order. So you’re not GLAZED or confused, you will be receiving a refund email confirmation stating your refund amount, and funds posted to your account within 3-5 business days 🙂

Let me know if there’s anything else i can help with! Us WEIRDOUGHS gotta stick together!

Props to the team at Tipsy Elves for great customer service. They’ve also now got a customer who is going to come here first.

The leggings:

The response in screenshot email form:

UPDATE (12/20/17) I couldn’t ignore the amazing response when I told them about the post:

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