External Access to DC/OS Master

By eric

I’m in a situation where I need access to a few of the mesos.master’s nodes internal ports from my laptop. There isn’t really an easy way to do it since getting in typically requires the use of something like the following just to get to the master: 

dcos node ssh --master-proxy --leader

 After a bit more Googling and more banging my head against the wall than I’d like to admit, I realized that I just create a few SSH proxy tunnels and run everything I need against local host.

In order to get the IPs I needed for the command, I had to run the above command which outputted the following (IPs have been blinded to protect the innocent):

$ dcos node ssh --master-proxy --leader
Running `ssh -A -t core@ ssh -A -t core@`

Then I those IPs and put them in to an ssh proxy tunnel command line with the ports I want to access and now I can get to port 5050 by going to my localhost.

$ ssh -A -L 5050: core@

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