Yahoo and Goodmail Cut the Cord (Temporarily)

By eric

So as of today, Yahoo! will no longer be accepting Goodmail imprinted messages. There is currently no press release from Goodmail, but I am sure one will be forthcoming. The latest reference to the on goings is listed here in one of their recent blog posts.

Goodmail claims that they are doing everything possible to bring the relationship back to it previous state and it hopes it will be there shortly. I know that from the customer side. But as I said above, I am sure that will be in some form of an announcement coming out at some time today.

Here is a bit of information that came in an email that Goodmail sent to their client list (that uses their Hosted Imprinter Service):

As our recent emails have indicated, effective tomorrow, 3/24, at Noon PST, Yahoo will no longer accept CertifiedEmail messages. There is one action you will need to take in order to continue sending email to Yahoo domains, because you are a client who uses the Goodmail Hosted Imprinter Service.

Please change your outbound MTA configuration to no longer relay email to Goodmail for Y! domains. We recommend that you make this change as soon as possible in order to ensure no interruption in your sending to Yahoo. For a complete list of Y! domains and more information about this change in CertifiedEmail, please visit our FAQ page.

Although Goodmail recently settled with RPost (read more) and that is a step forward, I don’t believe that the recent goings on with Yahoo! is a major setback. What it’s basically saying is that email, as a whole, is still at the level of heuristics, white listing, and engagement. This isn’t really a setback or a step forward.

So if you use Yahoo! and GHIS, it isn’t all bad. Goodmail has asked Yahoo! to consider the IPs that were doing the sending through the Hosted Imprinter Service as “warm”. So this means that you don’t exactly have to warm up those IPs (with Yahoo! anyway, you still have to warm them up with the other ISPs).

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