Text Messages to Cell Phones via Email

By eric

I have been compiling a list of the domains that one needs in order to send text messages to cell phones via email. As a huge user of Nagios, this is how I keep myself aware of the status changes. Below I have listed the carriers that I use most frequently. If you have any others to list here to make this more complete, please add a comment and I will add it to the list.

I have seen other instances of this before, but some are outdated. These are the newest ones that I have come across.

The assumption here is that the telephone number of the person that you are trying to text message is 2225551212. Just make sure that there is nothing in between the numbers (like a ‘.’ or a ‘-‘), Also make sure that you don’t put the ‘1’ before the phone number.

  • ATT: 2225551212@txt.att.net
  • Verizon: 2225551212@vtext.com
  • T-Mobile: 2225551212@tmomail.net
  • Alltell: 2225551212@message.alltel.com
  • Virgin Mobile:2225551212@vmobl.com
  • Sprint: 2225551212@messaging.sprintpcs.com
  • Nextel: 2225551212@messaging.nextel.com
  • All Other: 2225551212@teleflip.com

It should be noted that the last item (Teleflip), can be used either in place of any of these or as a fall through. It seems to act as a universal text message system.

Here are the contributed addresses. The thanks are in parentheses following the numbers:

  • Claro (Brazil): 2225551212@clarotorpedo.com.br (Rodrigo)

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