Year: 2007


Description: File::ReadBackwards works similar to the linux shell command tac. It reads the file line by line strarting from the end of the file. CPAN: File::ReadBackwards Example 1: Being a System’s Administrator, I am usually doing some analysis on a large logfile. Therefore, I may not need all the information contained in the log. This …

By eric

Building Telephony Systems With Asterisk

Date: 12 Mar 2007 The next generation in telephony in combination with FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) is Asterisk. With the Open Source community revolutionizing telephony, Askterisk is the forging the way ahead. If you don’t know what Asterisk is, then you are going to be left behind. Vitals: Title Building Telephony Systems With …

By eric


Description: The author of this module notes that it is best used, especially by him, when reading or manipulating log files. I have a tendency to use it for the exact same thing, especially when looking for context around captured lines. CPAN: File::Bidirectional Note: Although I would like to note that using the tie’d interface …

By eric

Ensuring Proper New DST Compliance

By now, if you haven’t heard about the change in daylight savings time (DST), then you need to break out from under your rock and update your servers. That’s where luckily, I come in. No, I won’t update your servers for you (unless you pay me and even then it’s iffy), but I will guide …

By eric

Underused Tools

There are a lot of tools for administration and networking that generally go unused. They are very helpful in both diagnostics and general administration. There are even some tools that come installed with linux and go unused and unheard of. Here I am going to cover a mere few of my favorite and hope that …

By eric

Syslog-ng and Squid Logging

Since there are a million HOWTOs on setting up remote logging with syslog-ng, I won’t bother going over it again. I will however take this moment to go into a little about how you can setup remote logging of your Squid servers. We are going to take advantage of some of the built in regex …

By eric

Linux Firewalls and QoS

Date: 15 Feb 2007 There are complex and simple firewalls. They can be as simple or as in depth as one is willing to put the time and effort into learning and configuring them. The simple firewalls being to just allow or drop packets based on protocol or source or destination IP. The complex being …

By eric

A Few Apache Tips

Last week I gave a few tips about SSH, so this week I think I will give a few tips about apache. Just to reiterate, these are tips that have worked for me and they may not be as efficient or as effective for your style of system administration. Logging I don’t know about anyone …

By eric

SSH Organization Tips

Over the years, I have worked with many SSH boxen and had the pleasure to manage even more SSH keys. The problem with all that is the keys start to build up and then you wonder which boxes have which keys in the authorized keys file and so on and so on. Well, I can’t …

By eric

Super Security vs. Ease of Use

I think I am going to get back onto my soapbox about being extraordinarily secure, only this time, I am going to compare it to ease of use. I would once again like to reiterate the fact that I am strongly for security in all its aspects. However, some people get into the presence of …

By eric

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