Month: January 2007


Description: File::Find is a pretty straightforward and useful module. I often find myself needing to hunt down a bunch of files or parse through a particular grouping of files. Because of TIMTOWTDI, I usually choose to use File::Find based on its ease of use. CPAN: File::Find Example 1: Being a System’s Administrator, I am usually …

By eric


Description: Email::Find is a module for finding a subset of RFC 822 email addresses in arbitrary text. The addresses it finds are not guaranteed to exist or even actually be email addresses at all, but they will be valid RFC 822 syntax. Email::Find will perform some heuristics to avoid some of the more obvious red …

By eric

Perl Modules Introduction

Before I go into any modules, I think I should explain what I am doing and why I am doing it. And although I am sure that this is done elsewhere and I am not a fan of reinventing the wheel, I am a fan of making my own life easier and hopefully other’s lives …

By eric

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