Getting Rid of The Google Analytics Overlay


It took a little hunting to figure this one out, so I decided to write a quickie blog post about it. If you use Google Analytics and have put the overlay on your website to gain information, you may have noticed that it is quite challenging to get rid of.

Well the solution, as is turns out, is pretty simple. Just go into your browser’s cookie repository, find and delete the cookie that calls itself GASO. And poof, the overlay is gone.

3 Responses to “Getting Rid of The Google Analytics Overlay”

  1. Lauri Suoperä says:

    Huge thanks! (the overlay is useful, but not THAT useful)

  2. Olivier Hergault says:

    it's a NIGHTMARE
    it won't go away
    I erased ALL cookies (even if I need most of them )
    AND this STICKY overlay is still there
    WHY didn't they add a simple feature on the mainsite to stop the overlay feature ?????

  3. Jim says:

    I can’t even find the cookie – Vista doen’t let me see the cookie folder.

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