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Tokyo Tyrant and Tokyo Cabinet

Tokyo Tyrant and Tokyo Cabinet are the components for a database used by Mixi (basically a Japanese Facebook). And for work, I got to play with these tools for some research. Installing all this stuff along with the Perl APIs is incredibly easy. Ultimately I am working on a comparison of Cassandra and Tokyo Cabinet, …

By eric

Percona Conference Slides

For everyone who was not able to attend this year, here is the link to the Percona Perfmance Conference slides: I suggest you check them out if you work with MySQL. Enjoy.

By eric

Counting Email Addresses By Domain in MySQL

Every so often I find some statistical need that although Perl program would be easy to write for it, its probably something the database should just handle. So I have a column in an email management table that has just the email addresses in the format user@domain.tld. I want to know which domains make up …

By eric

Character Encoding

I recently ran into some character encoding issues and I wanted to share the fun. The default character encoding for MySQL on Gentoo is latin-1 or iso-8859-1. This wasn’t a problem until we recently started putting content straight from the DB through Java and onto the web. Java connects to the DB with a character …

By eric

MySQL Encoded URI Search and Replace

So I can definitely not take credit for this trick. The credit goes to Augusto Bott of the Pythian Group for this. I have a table in my DB that has columns of encoded URIs. The list of URI encoding character translations is available here. To accomplish this, the MySQL REPLACE function was used. 1234567891011121314151617181920212223mysql> …

By eric

MySQL Proxy Query Profiling

Since I am now finally getting to play with MySQL Proxy, I am going to outline some recipes here that I have found/created/modified that may be useful to someone other than me. This is a recipe for profiling queries. It writes the information to the PROXY_LOG_FILE currently name mysql.log. It is a file that will …

By eric

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