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What’s So Great About Cassandra’s Composite Columns?

There are a lot of things I really like about Cassandra. But one thing in particular I like in creating a schema is having access to composite columns (read about composite columns and their origins here on Datastax’s blog). Let’s start simple with explaining a composite columns and then we can dive right into why …

By eric

ec2-consistent-snapshot With Mongo

I setup MongoDB on my Amazon EC2 instance knowing full well that it would have to be backed up at some point. I also knew that by using XFS, I could take advantage of filesystem freezing in a similar fashion to LVM snapshots. I had remembered reading about backups on XFS with MySQL being done …

By eric

New Massachusetts Security Law Passed For Databases

In case you haven’t heard about the new Massachusetts state law regarding consumer or client information in databases, you can read about it here, at Information Week, or just Google for “Massachusetts data security law”. And if you haven’t read about, then I strongly suggest you do. This is one of those instances where I …

By eric

Model Specific Formatted Search Results Using Thinking Sphinx

Having recently implemented Thinking Sphinx on one of my web sites, I thought it would be cool to be able to search every indexed model. With Thinking Sphinx, it’s easy to have a bunch of different classes returned in the results. The tougher part is displaying them in a way that is organized (although admittedly …

By eric

When To Use MySQL Cursor Classes In Python

I have been writing a lot of code that has been interacting with MySQL lately. Sometimes I find it easier to work the result set in a dictionary form and other times it is easier with an array. But in order to not break all your code, it is necessary to set a default cursor …

By eric

Migrations Without belongs_to Or references

Normally when do a database migration in Rails, when adding ownership from a model to another model, you use the concept of belongs_to or references: 1234  create_table :comments do |t|     t.belongs_to :user     t.references :post   end Interestingly enough, these methods are only available during the initial table creation. If you want …

By eric

Tokyo Tyrant and Tokyo Cabinet

Tokyo Tyrant and Tokyo Cabinet are the components for a database used by Mixi (basically a Japanese Facebook). And for work, I got to play with these tools for some research. Installing all this stuff along with the Perl APIs is incredibly easy. Ultimately I am working on a comparison of Cassandra and Tokyo Cabinet, …

By eric

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