Sortfix Or A Next Generation Search Tool

Although SortFix has been around for a while, I hadn’t heard of it until recently. I also didn’t really have a reason to give it a try because the vast majority of my Google searches were providing me with the results I was looking for.

The idea here is that you can do a normal search for something and then you will be presented with a screen that will allow you to narrow down your search using a graphical user interface (GUI). This will produce a search similar to something that a power searcher would do in Google. After doing this a few times, it becomes fairly evident how its done and one could start “power searching” on their own.
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Social Search’s Effect on SEO

There always seems to be something affecting your SEO rankings. Most recently, people have had issues with personalized search. Another kink in the chain may be social search.

The first thing is that Social Search can’t replace Hyptertext search (such as Google/Yahoo!/Bing/etc). Social search has 3 inherent drawbacks, time to receive information, credibility of the source, and subject/objectivity. Technically subjectivity is an issue with hypertext searches as well, but since the information is considered more permanent, people tend to be a little less opinionated and a little more objective (if the information is factual).
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SEO and Cross-Domain Content Syndication

When dealing with content syndication, one is occasionally in the situation where you are not the higher ranking site in search engines. You might rank #4 for an article and in that same search, your syndicated content may be ranked #1. What’s the best way to deal with this?

After much reading and discussion, I believe that you have a few options.
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Sitemaps On Rails

SEO being an interest of mine, I couldn’t quite wrap my head around releasing a webapp without a sitemap. The problem is that there aren’t any really great sitemap plugins for Rails. Now I will grant that creating a sitemap in Rails is a challenging proposition and one that I would not like to undertake on my own unless absolutely necessary. But I was hoping that there would be a rails sitemap “killer app” like there is with almost everything else in Rails.

So I dove in and tried a few options until I found one that worked. First I wrote some code to generate an XML file and then created a sitemap_index.xml.gz file by hand. This was very kludgy and definitely not a permanent solution. I had also read suggestions about doing it in a sitemap_controller.rb file, but that seemed just as kludgy as using a view to generate the XML. It was then time to explore the plugin world.
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