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First Attempt at Poetry: No Substitutes

Sunday, December 24th, 2006

Although I already posted my poem on Hanukah first, that was just because it was Hanukah and I wanted to get it up there. This is actually the first one that I wrote. Its shabby, but it got me going.

# No Substitutes

foreach (%challenge) {
  $i; wait;
  $i =~ study each %challenge;

  foreach ($programming{language}) {
    $i = tr/y/$_/;
    $i; push @away and goto Perl;
    $no. sub { FOR: { $perl } } if $Perl{exists};

  foreach ($problem{solved}) {
    my $knowledge++ and $Perl{love}++;

Happy Hanukah

Thursday, December 21st, 2006

I don’t often write poetry. In fact, I am not usually a great writer of poetry (since I don’t read much of it anyway). However, I do, for some odd reason, find it fun to write programming poetry and Perl just makes it so easy. So admist all the holiday cheer (mostly Christmas) and in light of seeing this Christmas Poem, I decided to throw together my own version for the Jewish population. Enjoy and Happy Hanukah!

  if ($kids) { write $santa; dump $kids; }
  foreach (@night) { study $prayers and $stories; }
  select $gentiles; #to
    join "you"; if ($gentiles) { open $MIND,"ed"; }

foreach $night (1..8) {
  wait until $sundown;
  tell $oil_story;
  seek $matches, $candle, 0;
  bless $candle, $prayers;

    $candle unless $lit; next $candle;
    redo LIGHTING until last, menorah, is, lit;
  goto FOOD unless ($young_children);
  join $gifts, $child;
  open ALL, $gifts;

    do {
      unpack "FOOD", $table;
      chop $potato_latkes;
      sort @tater_tots;
      chop $brisket;
      open $applesauce, "packages";
      sin unless (bagles and lox); exists $on{table};
      require fork;
      if (exists $jewish{mother}) { use constant feeding, "rules"; };
      while ($jewish_household) { }
        continue { $eating until ($stomach > $full); }
    } while ($food eq "Kosher");

    tell $stories;
    listen $stories, $history;
    setpriority $children, $jewish{spouse}, $marriage;
    do { $jewish_geography if (local $family); }
  accept $gelt, $family;
  push @dreidel, $around_room;
  read($it,$happened,$over_there) unless (local $Israel);

do $mitzvot until $tired;

require $all; tell $everyone; { "Happy Hanukah"; }