Using Unique Keys and Key Groups with Background Jobs in Gearman::Client

While diving into Gearman using Gearman::Client with MySQL and libdrizzle (I know, a mouthful), I ran into what I thought was a bug. I was only able to add 1 background job of any type at a particular time. The launchpad “bug note,” which is available in its entirety here, is rightly labeled won’t fix.
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Monitoring Services with Nagios::Plugin

There are a lot of people who say, “if it isn’t monitored, then it isn’t a service.” The problem is that I don’t think enough people outside of the systems world believe that or even understand why its said. I think the primary offenders here are developers. It isn’t because they don’t know better, but typically developers just want to get the application up and running and then move on to developing the next thing. I also think there is some fault on the side of the administrators and the managers not insisting that part of the completed version of a project includes monitoring. But I don’t want to harp on this as much as I would like to show just how easy it is to compensate here by taking advantage of Nagios::Plugin.
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File Read Write Create with IO::File

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Testing For A Number

Although you generally don’t have to worry about types in Perl, it is occasionally necessary to ensure that you are working with numbers. Your test cases should notify you that something is amiss when you didn’t get a number (when you were expecting one). Thankfully Scalar::Util provides a method to deal with this.

use Scalar::Util qw( looks_like_number );

my @possibleNumbers = qw(1 5.25 word 4);

foreach my $nums (@possibleNumbers) {
       print "$nums is", looks_like_number($nums) ? '' : ' not', " a number\n";

This will print:

1 is a number
5.25 is a number
word is not a number
4 is a number

This neat little method takes advantage of Perl C API’s looks_like_number() function. Since this is virtually native, it will be pretty fast.

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