Goodmail Adds Microsoft Domains

On the same day that Goodmail removed Yahoo! from its pool, it added the vastness of Microsoft domains. These domains include, live.* and

The addition of Microsoft to the Goodmail community is a good thing because it means that Microsoft is starting to play ball in the email community. However it comes as bittersweet with the loss of Yahoo!.
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Yahoo and Goodmail Cut the Cord (Temporarily)

So as of today, Yahoo! will no longer be accepting Goodmail imprinted messages. There is currently no press release from Goodmail, but I am sure one will be forthcoming. The latest reference to the on goings is listed here in one of their recent blog posts.

Goodmail claims that they are doing everything possible to bring the relationship back to it previous state and it hopes it will be there shortly. I know that from the customer side. But as I said above, I am sure that will be in some form of an announcement coming out at some time today.
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