Philosophical Python

Having spent a lot of time in the Perl world and even trying to write a Perl poem here and there, I decided to give some Python poetry a try. It turned out to be a bit more philosophical than poetic. But it compiles and that’s what counts; even though it doesn’t do anything useful (or anything at all).

Since as people, we get the most out of something by filling in small spaces with our imagination (think of how comic books are so successful), fill in the words that might be missing. Either way, enjoy. Hope you get as much from reading it as I did from writing it.

def people():
        class Me(being):
            def __init__(self):
                self.mind = MyThoughts
                self.body = MyBeing
                self.soul = MyEssence
            def inner(self):
                answers = None
                mind_answers =
                body_answers =
                soul_answers =
                answers = reduce(mind_answers, body_answers, soul_answers)
                if MeaningOfLife not in answers:
                    raise Awareness, "Searching for meaning"
                answers = filter(Intelligence, mind_answers, body_answers, soul_answers)
                return answers
    except Awareness, MeaningOfLife:
        return MeaningOfLife
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